Driveway/Patio Cleaning

Driveway and Patio Cleaning in Broward and Palm Beach County

Some of the most frequently used areas of your house are the driveway and patio, and they have the dirt and grime to prove it. Not only does power washing get rid of nasty oil stains on your driveway, it blasts away weeds that grow in the cracks and crevices of your driveway and patio.
Your concrete lasts longer when you regularly power wash it. Oil, mildew, and mold erode concrete over time. With regular pressure washing, you can prevent cracks, and use your patio and driveway a little while longer.

Let Lighthouse Power Wash Refresh Your Patio and Driveway

Pressure washing is difficult to do on your own. Let the experts at Lighthouse Power Wash do all the hard work for you! We have all the equipment and experience to make your driveway look brand new. Call us today at 954-913-5332 to set up an appointment for driveway and patio pressure washing. Ask about our sidewalk pressure wash, too!

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