Roof Cleaning

Power Roof Cleaning in Broward and Palm Beach County

Though it seems like your roof may get washed every time it rains, it’s actually very dirty. Wet leaves, twigs, and other things stick to your roof and can even cause mold, which likes to grow in places like roofing tiles and shingles. Regular pressure washing, especially after a storm, rids your roof of mold and prevents it from growing in the first place.
Power washing roofs isn’t just for residences. Apartments, townhomes, and businesses are all at risk for growing mold from debris on their roofs. Lighthouse Power Wash has the equipment to take care of any roof, big or small. We can power wash individual residences, commercial residences, and commercial businesses.

Prevent Mold on Your Roof with Lighthouse Power Wash

Mold can be devastating to your roof. So, keep it clean with regular pressure washing from Light House Power Wash! Call us today at 954-913-5332 to get an estimate for pressure washing the roof of your home or business.

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